By joining RAR and taking the pledge you can help us spread the word, make sure no runners drop rubbish, and help tidy up a bit.


This is all about spreading the word. Membership means we can give you a badge and car sticker* to help more runners hear about RAR, and hopefully take the no rubbish pledge themselves.


By giving us your email address we can let you know about any events that may occur in future, but all we need to process your membership is a name and postal address. Memberships last a lifetime, but please feel free to rejoin if you lose your sticker or badge!


RAR makes no profit, the membership fee is to cover the cost of the sticker, badge and postage. Please get in touch if you want to ask us anything, and click the appropriate button below to join us.


Thank you for being a binner!

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* - paper prototypes shown above to illustrate the design, you will receive professionally made versions!