This July, join us in the South West for...

Pick The Path!

This July will see the first large Runners against Rubbish event. We're super excited about it, and we'd love you to come and join us!


What is it?

It's called Pick the Path, and we're diving straight in at the deep end. We're aiming to pick up rubbish along the entire South West Coast Path (SWCP) in one weekend. That's 630 miles of the longest National Trail in the country. We're going to need your help!


Where is it?

The SWCP starts in Minehead in Somerset and follows the northern coasts of Devon and Cornwall, then rounds Land's End and heads east all the way to Poole in Dorset. We're tackling it as a relay, starting simultaneously at Minehead and Poole, and meeting up at Porthallow in the middle.


When is it?

Friday July 27th to Sunday July 29th


How do I get involved?

We're looking for runners to run in pairs for one of the 34 legs. You'll need to be happy running between 20 and 35km and picking up rubbish as you go. We'll provide you with a special pack to collect rubbish in, and transport you to and from your leg from a central point. If you're keen to run but that sounds a bit too far please let us know - if demand is sufficient we may be able to split a few legs in half.


If you're interested, register by filling in our form.  Here you can tell us if you're interested in a particular day, whether you're happy to run at night, and whether you are already a pair or want us to pair you up. You can also tell us if you'd like to run multiple legs, but we'll first try to find one leg for everyone who wants to run.


What if I don't want to run?

Please fill in the form if you're interested in helping out! There is loads to do and we'd love your help.



To minimise our impact on the environment, we want to arrange as much shared travel as we can. This is a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation as we can't organise it until we know who's coming, so we'd encourage you to fill in the form if you're interested and once we have a few legs in place we'll organise transport. We can collect from train stations, or if enough people are coming from one place we'll arrange a cost-price minibus.



We're looking at having two base locations. One will be at Sticklepath on the edge of Dartmoor, and the other near Redruth. Depending which leg you're running you'll be put up at one of these bases, from where you'll be taken to your leg and brought back afterwards.



Pick the Path is supported by inov-8, who are providing us with the packs we'll use over the weekend. We're really grateful for their support. If your organisation would also like to support the event we'd love to hear from you... please get in touch!

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